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Terms & Conditions


Business office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30a.m.–5:30p.m. Please allow 24 workday hours for a response to your email, text, call, question, design changes, etc. It is the discretion of Paper Swan to work outside of these office hours or to respond before the 24 hour window.


It is your responsibility to carefully review your proofs for any error(s). That includes: spelling, layout, website addresses, phone numbers, directions, colour(s), paper choice, quantity, etc. Once you give your final approval any errors are corrected at your expense.


Invitations can be ordered in sets of 25, and it is recommended that you order a minimum of 25 extra for keepsakes and any last minute guests. 


A timeline and estimated completion date will be included in your contract. Paper Swan will strive to work within this timeline, but it is important for the client to also cooperate in a timely manner. Paper Swan will not be responsible for not meeting deadlines due to delayed client action or response. On the occasion, there are factors outside our control that contribute to when you receive your order. For example, but not limited to: supply/demand of paper in stock from paper suppliers, work load of our local printers, or courier delays. However, if you choose not to allow yourself a buffer, we are not responsible for time delays outside of our control. 


Paper Swan reserves the right to change prices without notice. Pricing changes may be affected by an increase or decrease in supplier, service and/or production costs. Quotes and estimates are valid for 30 days.


All designs and concepts are property of Paper Swan. We retain all rights to use the preliminary and completed designs for the purpose of display and marketing, or for other clients (upon request). 


Please be aware that colours will appear differently on screen (as seen through light ) than they will when printed (pigment on paper). If unsure always request a sample or foil blocking swatch to approve. Please note that samples may not exactly match the finished product due to variations in the print production process. Press set-up, plates, ink and paper can all result in small variations. Minor differences in texture, colour, size and positioning can sometimes occur and do not constitute a fault or a refund.


It is important to us that every piece of stationery we create is our own. Sending inspiration from Etsy, Pinterest, etc. to give an idea of your style is great! But please, don’t send us someone else’s design and ask us to create a copy for you, but with your wording and colours. We just can’t do that and we hate disappointing you. Thanks for understanding.


Orders may be considered RUSH if they are needed within 4 weeks. Rush orders are accepted depending on availability and the requirements of the project. Rush orders will add a charge of 15% to your order total. Final payment is due prior to printing.


If there is a need to cancel your order, please contact Paper Swan right away. If your final approval has not been received and your project has not gone into production, you are responsible for your deposit and any materials that have been purchased. If your project has gone into the production process you are responsible for the entire amount as stated in your contract. Because of the personalisation of custom stationery, orders are nonrefundable, without exception. Every effort is made to assure your satisfaction. If there is an error on the part of Paper Swan, we will do our best to correct the problem.


All shipping and postage will be assumed by the client. Paper Swan is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping and/or mailing or invitations that are not delivered. Any shipping charges will be added to your final invoice. You may also pick-up your order to avoid shipping charges if you are in the Manchester/Cheshire area.


The deposit for orders is 50%. The deposit is due at the time of your order. Design will not begin without the deposit. The deposit will be applied to the total amount due for the wedding invitations/other products. The deposit is non refundable. The remaining balance must be paid in full before sending to print.


All changes, and additions (such as invitation count) must be made prior to final approval. This does not apply to special arrangements, or any other last minute agreement/sale. Four rounds of design changes are included. Once we reach your 5th round of design changes/proof, a fee of £20 per additional round will be applied to your order.

By placing an order with Paper Swan you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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