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How to choose wedding colours that match your unique personality.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Colour plays a central role in weddings, and deciding on a palette is one aspect of the planning that couples tend to focus on first. Choosing your wedding colours can take some time, so I want to help by showing you ways to pick a palette without becoming overwhelmed.

Where do you find wedding colour inspiration?

The first places you will probably explore are Pinterest and Instagram. However you are likely to become overwhelmed and confused by all the different ideas, not knowing which colours are right for you as a couple. I recommend starting much closer to home, and looking at your own environment for inspiration.

The natural world, travel, fashion, art, theatre and film are all rich sources of inspiration. You need to unlock your own sense of colour, and notice what is appealing to you. The first step is to ask yourself some questions about each of these subjects, and how they fit into your lifestyle:

•The Natural World

Do you enjoy strolling along the shore in Summer or through the woods in Autumn? Every place and every season has its own colours, sounds, scents, texture, tastes that you can capture and weave into your wedding. In nature you will find combinations of colours, textures and patterns that you could not invent if you tried.

• Travel

Is there a place in the world that you enjoy visiting or have lived? Do you prefer a countryside escape or a city break? Travellers returning home bring with them exotic and beautiful objects, and cultural influences are collected too.

• Art

Do you have a favourite artist, or a piece of art that you like?

A beautiful painting, a decorative chest brought back from holiday, a favourite vase, an oriental rug can all provide the starting point for an entire colour palette.

• Fashion

What colours are you most drawn to when choosing your wardrobe?

The catwalk provides a wonderful source of new ideas for colours, shapes and textiles that can be captured in your wedding.

We all have colour preferences and dislikes, so identifying these would be the next step.

Remove the colours that do not appeal to you and look at colours left from the ones you have picked out from your own environment.

Where to use colour in your wedding

There are lots of places that you can introduce colour into your wedding, to show off your personality as a couple.

• Flowers & Foliage – there are so many of different shades of colours, and if you are buying fresh then you will be restricted by the seasonal availability. Silk and dried flowers are an alternative option that will open up a bigger variety of colour if your fresh flowers are out of season.

• Wedding Stationery – give your guests a glimpse of your day with the colours in your save the date cards and invitation suite. Matching colours in your wedding signage and place cards will

• Bridal Wear – your maid of honour and brides maids dresses are a popular choice for expressing colour.

• Confetti – there are lots of colours to choose from.

Other things to consider when choosing your wedding colours

On your wedding day there will be probably 2 or 3 different places, that you and your guests will be spending most of your time. One aspect to consider in choosing your colours is light, as this is an equal partner in creating the look and feel of your special day. You can put together the most beautiful decorative scheme but unless you consider the quality of the natural light that room receives during the day, and light it properly at night, you will not be able to fully appreciate the colours.

When planning colours for your wedding, another important consideration is location. Colours that look great in a city location like Manchester, can look washed out in an exotic location like the Caribbean where light is stronger and brighter. Country and city properties are also subject to different environmental considerations.

• Country light is stronger and often tinged with green when filtered through surrounding trees.

• Natural light in the city is grey and flattened by the surrounding buildings.

Consider the view from the windows: by choosing colours that connect with the outside you make everything inside feel part of the natural landscape.

This is why green colour palettes are very popular with weddings. A 2021 colour trend is mixing different shades of green with contrasting colours like lilacs and oranges.

If you have chosen to get married in a location by the beach, it might be that you pick tranquil blues, turquoise and sand colours.

If a city venue is more your vibe, you may opt for brighter colours an as antidote to the grey urban surroundings – adding a touch of grey in the mix can help harmonise.

You can get further advice about choosing your colours from your wedding planner, however if your budget does not allow for one then ask your stationer, florist and bridal shop.

Part of the Paper Swan design process is to discuss colour options and I offer lots of advice and ideas to couples on this subject. You can browse my design collections here, and then customise with your chosen colours and wording. Alternatively I can design a unique invitation suite and incorporate your colours into it.


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