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Wedding Mood Board: A step-by-step guide to creating one that is perfect for you [PART 2]

In part 1 of creating your perfect wedding mood board, I discussed where you should start to look for your wedding inspiration. I also talked a bit about the kind of images to add, and to include abstract ones and not just weddings. If you are just tuning in, then you can read all about this here.

simple mood board

If you have followed my advice so far, you will of hopefully collected lots of different images based on the 3 words that you chose to describe you. Like many couples, you may have got carried away and added hundreds to your board. This is not a bad thing, but you may look at it and feel overwhelmed and confused.

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Step 3: How many images should you include on your mood board?

I always recommend including no less than three and no more than six, as you will be able to clearly see the type of wedding you want with a smaller collection. Editing the images and choosing the ones to keep may seem like a difficult and lengthy task, but it is worth doing for the clarity and focus it gives you.

Here are my top tips on how to pick the best images:

Find duplications – You don’t need three images of pink flowers, pick the strongest one.

Final five – Choose five images that convey colour, texture, mood, style & emotion (one for each)

Ask a friend – If you are struggling to choose, ask a friend which ones are best suited to you.

Take your time – Sleeping on it and coming back with fresh eyes will help.

So now that you have refined your collection, it is time to lay them all out. What do you notice about them, are there any similarities in colours and textures within these images? What kind of mood are they showing, and is there any particular aesthetic you have noticed?

Step 4: How to take it from mood board to dream wedding!

This is the part I find most exciting, as it involves shopping! Take another look at the final mood board, and start to pick out a colour palette. Adding four or five colour swatches is a nice addition to a mood board, and you can use a free design app such as Canva to create this. You may also like to add the 3 words that you started with, and place them around the pictures. Cropping the pictures, to focus on a certain pattern or area of interest is a also a good idea.

Now you need to start to think about each different aspect of your wedding, the flowers, the décor, the dress, the stationery etc. Hopefully you will have a clearer idea now you have the visuals, to be able to approach the right wedding suppliers. If you have a rustic vibe with soft pastels and a laid back style for example, then you will be best to find wedding professionals with this kind of work in their portfolio. You want to work with specialists who will collaborate with you, and share the same passions as you.

I hope that my advice has been helpful, and I would love for you to share your finished mood boards with me. If you need any further help or inspiration, please follow me on my instagram page as I share my mood board creations

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